About Our Property

Our property is our home, which your dogs will enjoy with us on their stay. It’s a 3-bedroom end terrace with an extra plot of land at the side to give plenty of room for all our guests to come out and play with us. It’s fully enclosed by concrete walls and 6-foot-high locked gates. We have also another fence and gate between the outer gate so a double entry system just for added security as well.

We also have an outer building in the garden which we use both as a Mancave and somewhere to go and play training games with the dogs during bad weather.

Our home is made safe by having fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, safety gates, carbon monoxide testers and all medicines and dangerous substances are kept away in cupboards with child proof latches on them.

We also have first aid kits specifically for animals around the home.

Your dogs are allowed upstairs with us if they are allowed at home and can even sleep on our bed if that’s what they are used to. Dogs are also allowed on our sofas if they are used to going on yours at home All we want is for your pooches to feel safe secure and at home.