Frequently-asked questions

At present we are licenced to board up to 5 dogs from different families at any one time.
We can offer day-care and depending on how many boarders we have,we would be happy to take on separate dogs during the day. Please call for Daycare.

We can board puppies but we have to have a separate plan and risk assessment in place for pups under the age of 6 months due to our licensing laws and there is more work involved in caring for a pup a extra premium is payable, but we can look after younger puppies in your own home at no extra cost.

No your dogs do not need to be spayed or neutered but we do not take bitches in season.

We cannot accept any dog that is anti-social, displays excessive long periods of barking or does not understand basic commands.

Nor can we take the risk of any aggression towards adults, children or animals. The need to control any situation is helped if your dog has had some form of training or has the ability to follow and act upon basic commands.

If we find that your dog shows any signs of behavioural problems during their stay, that have not been disclosed to ourselves we are obliged to either keep him/her separated until your return or be removed from our home.

We will first contact your friend or family member provided on the booking form. If this fails then we will need to seek the advice of the dog warden and that may mean taking them to local kennels.

Any fees incurred by the kennels will be charged to yourself and our boarding fee’s will not be refunded.

So please be completely honest with us about your dog’s personality from the start.

We can offer our pet sitting service in your own home for dogs that do not get on with other dogs.

In line with the dangerous dogs act 1991, we cannot accept:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Fila Brasiliero
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Japenese Tosa

Nor can we accept any dog registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976 i.e Wolf Hybrids.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before boarding starts unless they have a valid titre certificate and have had the lepto 2 0r 4 vaccinations which is not covered by Titre.

We will ask to see the paperwork on our first meeting. We also keep a record for the duration of the stay.

Dogs must also be up to date with Flea, Tick and Worming treatments.

All dogs must now be microchipped; this became compulsory in April 2016.

Yes we do offer a pick up/drop off service. Please contact us for prices.

We recommend that you seek pet insurance if you do not already have cover.

Where possible we will endeavour to take your dog to its own Veterinary surgeon, if this is not possible or too far away, your dog will be taken to our Vet in either Mexborough or Wath on Dearne

Any costs incurred will of course be payable by you, either to ourselves or directly to the Vet, UNLESS WE ARE RESPONSIBLE – THEN OUR INSURANCE WILL COVER IT.

We will contact you at the first opportunity to discuss what had happened and if any treatment was required. If we are unable to reach you, the emergency contact provided will be our next port of call.

If we cannot contact, you or your emergency contact we will go with the vet’s advice.

We will not allow any pet to suffer unnecessarily.

Of course not! If you have an appointment with the vet or even at the groomers, for the small price of £10, we’ll be happy to take your dog whilst you’re away.

This cost is providing that the venue is local, if not fuel costs will be added.

Let your vet know that we will be taking them to their appointment and any vet fee’s will be invoiced to your address.

If going to the groomer, please leave me the correct money to pay them for the service unless of course you have made a prior payment arrangement.

Our walks are one hour long; we no longer do the half-hour service for group walks but can organise solo walks for 30 minutes if required.

If your dog has good recall and you sign to say you agree to your dog going off-lead in safe areas then yes, we will allow them off.

If the dog becomes too excited or doesn’t listen to us he will be put back on the lead.