Paws Positive Dog Training

Our sister company Paws Positive Dog Training is the kind and gentle way to train dogs.

We are fetching a new and exciting way of training to this area where we use games to build concepts which shape the personality of the dog, so we end up with solving real life struggles and turning them into strengths, rather than just teaching sit, down, stay etc.

Amanda Jane is a Pro dog-certified dog trainer, coached by a veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and a champion agility trainer Lauren Langman.

She is also an ADTB Qualified and approved instructor and behaviourist, a member of Sarah Whitehead’s inner circle and a full member of Dr Ian Dunbar’s all access pass group.

She is also an approved instructor for the Dog Training College.

Paws Positive dog Training offers private one-to-one sessions, group classes and an array of workshops.

We have an excellent training field, which can be seen in the bottom pictures on the right.

For more details about this sister business visit the WEBSITE