Pet sitting

Going away and leaving your home is stressful for both you and your dogs.

Having a dog sitter come and stay enables your pets to stay at home and continue with their normal routine.

Paws 4 a Break offer a variety of options for pet sitting in your home with anything from just a quick call in to feed your fish to stopping up to 20 hours a day including sleepovers.

This service is suitable for:

  • Clients with multiple dogs in the home
  • Clients with many different animals
  • Dogs who are reactive with other dogs
  • Elderly dogs where they wouldn’t want to leave their home
  • A bitch with a litter of pups or maybe whelping
  • Bitches in season

Clients may just prefer someone to be in their home whilst they are away.

What will your pet sitter do?

  • Care for all your pets at your home and if it’s a dog or cat they can continue their normal routine even if that’s sleeping on the bed.
  • Follow your pre-discussed normal routine
  • Feed them their usual food at their normal times including special dates
  • Walk dogs as specified in the places you want them to go
  • Give lots of cuddles and love
  • Keep them and their area clean
  • Administer medication as discussed
  • Continue with any puppy training if requested
  • Take dogs for grooming or training classes if asked.(additional cost)
  • Someone going into your home if only for an hour can provide security
  • Keep your house tidy
  • Water your plants
  • Handle any emergencies that may arise
  • On a daily rate, we guarantee to be with your pets for a minimum of 16 hours up to 20 hours a day depending on which level you require but most days the time off is not used.
  • Short period care if you just need a few hours to pop out