Pet taxi

Here at Paws 4 A Break, we know your pet is not just another possession to you – but a member of your family!

Sometimes you may need transport for him or her, and here’s where we can help.

You may need your dog taking to the vets or groomer; you may be moving to a new house; or you may have some other issue.

We can also take one passenger with us as well.

We will transport your pet(s) safely, so they are comfortable whilst in transit.

We have a professional, custom-made vehicle, equipped with a ventilation system and each cage has pet bedding in it, for their added comfort.

If a long-distance transfer is necessary, regular toilet beaks will be arranged and water supplied.

Paws 4 A Break can transport your pet from anywhere to any location in the UK.

We charge an hourly driver’s rate, plus a charge for fuel by the mile.